Maximiliane Donicht is from Munich, Germany.


She is the author of the chapbook Bees of the Invisible, (Finishing Line Press, 2018)


Maxi once worked as a pastry chef in Paris, practiced classical Japanese swordsmanship in New York, and now lives in Taipei where she eats an ungodly amount of purple sweet potatoes. She earned her BFA in Comparative Literature and the Creative Arts with a minor in Psychology at the American University of Paris and holds an MFA in Poetry and Literary Translation from Columbia University.


Her poetry has appeared in Ecotone, Cold Mountain Review, The London Journal of Fiction, Bone Bouquet, and Paris/Atlantic. Her translations have been published in Gulf Coast Magazine and online at The Grief Diaries and Columbia Journal. Her translation of Prof. Dr. Thomas Höllmann's book 'The Chinese Script' was published by Columbia University Press.

When she's not writing or translating, she teaches martial arts and bakes cheesecakes.