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Bees of the Invisible

Bees of the Invisible

9,00 €Price

Maximiliane Donicht's first chapbook, published by Finishing Line Press in 2018.


The title of this remarkable collection of poems, Bees of the Invisible, aptly captures Maximiliane Donicht’s method of binding natural observation to a mystic form of consciousness.  Bees, birds, animals, stars, ceremonies, quantum physics, and personal memories buzz as one.  While Donicht invokes Rilke and echoes Japanese poetry, she stamps her own philosophical vision through her impressive cultural intellect and gifted ear for language.  This is poetry that elevates our spirits through wonder.

–Jeffrey Greene, author of American Spirituals


In these startling and often enigmatic poems, Maximiliane Donicht converts the beauty and solidity of the natural world into the mystery of language.  Through these series of meditative conversions Donicht connects us to the work and world of other poets as well (particularly Rainer Maria Rilke and Georg Trakl), and by doing so, she enters into a ghostly dialog with them and with the past.  Donicht’s poems are smart, probing and strange, in the way all good art is strange.

–Mark Wunderlich, author of The Anchorage

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